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Microcast is an ISO9001 accredited ferrous foundry based in Westmead, KZN which specializes in Gray Cast Iron, White Irons & Ni-Resist metals predominately used in the automotive, locomotive, marine and yellow goods industries. It is imperative to note that Microcast is a 100% black youth owned, BBBEE level 1, ISO accredited foundry. Microcast has also recently been issued with its 5 year Air Emissions License. The Foundry makes use of a Silica Sand Molding system and gravity pouring to produce its castings. 

In order to reduce the international cost differential and optimize the production processes, Microcast has formed relationships with technical industrial experts.

These working relationships resulted in numerous direct improvements and positive externalities for the business and the key focus areas were:

  1. Product redesign & simulation
  1. Mould redesign
  1. Overall improvement in productivity & competitiveness

Based on the interventions outlined above, Microcast was able to achieve a significant average cost reduction of 40% across its major products, fundamentally altering the business.

The second phase of the competitiveness improvement project was the introduction of an ERP system and investment in alternate cost efficient methods of production, to position the business for product diversification to benefit from the opportunities presented by the PPPFA and localization/designation initiatives that have been mandated by the state.

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Vision Statement

Our strategic objective is to diversify our product range, while carefully managing the skills drift from our current area of expertise.


Microcast has a youthful yet experienced workforce with management having qualifications in foundry technology, quality, metallurgy, mechanical and industrial engineering.The management team has 15 to 20 years of relevant experience.

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